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Seth Taylor Interview with Fierce Biotech

In this discussion with Rebecca Willumson, Seth Taylor, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer at SmartLabs, delves into the current landscape of the venture capital market, fully automated manufacturing, and highlights key opportunities shaping the future of biotechnology. Explore his valuable perspectives.

Case Study: Mitsubishi

Learn how Mitsubishi, a Japanese based pharmaceutical company, expanded globally to accelerate their research efforts for neurological diseases. In their search for top-tier research space in Boston, SmartLabs played a crucial role, offering pharmaceutical-grade infrastructure and assisting the team in navigating U.S. regulations critical to their success in a new market.

Case Study: HI-Bio

Discover how HI-Bio utilized SmartLabs' lab programs and operational services to support their research and development efforts in precision medicines for immune-mediated diseases. The SmarLabs’ model kept pace with the company’s growth including in-licensing opportunities for diverse therapeutics so the team could focus on what matters most, their science.

Member Spotlight: Xsphera

Discover Xsphera Biosciences: leaders and pioneers in transforming cancer research with their novel ex vivo tumor tissue platform. With a 90-95% failure rate in oncology therapeutics entering clinical trials, they're changing the game. Their innovative platform predicts patient responses with precision. In revolutionizing drug development, they're driving a shift in cancer treatment and increasing success rates

Press Releases and Publications
SmartLabs Announces $48 Million Series C Funding to Advance its Laboratory Infrastructure and Resourcing Solutions

Financing will be used to further develop and optimize SmartLabs innovative product portfolio in order to address the modern needs of customers across the life sciences industry.

Press Releases and Publications
SmartLabs Announces Biopharma Veteran Brian Taylor as New Interim CEO

Taylor to oversee the development and provision of scientific service offerings for SmartLabs' partners engaged in programs of various sizes and scales, from early discovery to commercial manufacturing.

Case Study: Entrada Therapeutics, Inc

Entrada Therapeutics accelerates its R&D and achieves significant growth by leveraging SmartLabs' flexible infrastructure, customized labs, and wraparound services, enabling them to rapidly advance research, attract top talent, and secure substantial funding. Read more about their success story here.

Case Study: Scorpion Therapeutics

Discover how SmartLabs empowers Scorpion Therapeutics, an emerging biotech startup in oncology, through high-quality support, rapid access to top-notch infrastructure, and a collaborative partnership, fueling groundbreaking research and driving remarkable strides in cancer treatment—Read more.

Case Study: Gritstone Bio

Witness how SmartLabs propelled Gritstone Bio's groundbreaking achievements in biotechnology, providing essential space, state-of-the-art facilities, and a competitive edge—Read more to delve into their accelerated progress and partnership driving scientific innovation and medical breakthroughs

Case Study: Cue Biopharma

Embark on a captivating journey where SmartLabs revolutionizes Cue Biopharma's drug development, breaking boundaries and transforming lives—Discover the limitless possibilities and the future of medicine powered by SmartLabs, and prepare to be inspired—Read more.

Case Study: Sana Biotechnology

Explore how SmartLabs accelerated Sana Biotechnology's rapid launch of innovative R&D programs, providing advanced resources and unwavering support for exponential growth—Read more to witness their dynamic partnership and groundbreaking advancements in biotechnology.

Press Releases and Publications
SmartLabs Announces the Launch of its Most Advanced Managed Research Center

East Cambridge site establishes the largest network of novel modality development and bioproduction capacities by any organization in the world and expands company’s Greater Boston footprint by 75%.