Our Story

In 2015, modalities were changing, pharma was outsourcing R&D at higher rates and acquisition became a primary pathway for innovation. Science was moving faster and would increasingly require skillsets and infrastructures that allowed resources and environments to change as quickly as the research did. We realized the way science was being supported was not going to work in the future. 

We thought about how to make science better, faster, and more effective. We explored how to use data and new technologies to develop, operate, and deploy resources for the next generation of science.

We imagined having any kind of lab, at any size, available immediately, with no lease, build out, or infrastructure required. We envisioned an enterprise lab platform where scientists could do any type of research on-demand.

Then we created it.

We built a novel infrastructure with flexibility, which allows your team to work in a private lab configured to your specific research needs, that can be made ready within weeks and adapt and change as quickly as your science evolves. 

For the first time, you can outsource your lab's infrastructure, but retain your scientists, workflows, and intellectual property. 

That’s how we transformed labs into SmartLabs.   


Why We Do What We Do

What do we care about? Why do we get up in the morning? This is what it boils down to.


SmartLabs Mission Icon

To benefit health and humanity, we radically transform how the world uses labs spaces by delivering customized labs that deploy within weeks, and can grow and change as quickly as research needs evolve.




SmartLabs vision icon

To accelerate the pace of science for everyone, everywhere.



SmartLabs purpose icon

To accelerate the number of effective therapeutics available in the market when we need them and when our loved ones need them.


Our Leadership

SmartLabs leadership team is comprised of passionate and experienced individuals who are dedicated to helping science advance human health by redefining how labs are built and operated.

Photo of SmartLabs CEO

Amrit Chaudhuri

Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder 

Amrit spent his first eight years in the industry working with hundreds of R&D leaders at universities, biotechs, and large pharma companies to develop commercial products from discovery to market approval. ​

  • Founded Advanced Peptides in 2007, a biopharma CRO
  • Holds patents in chemistry for global commercialized products
  • One of INC Magazine's top 20 innovators in healthcare
Seth Taylor CBO

Seth Taylor, PhD

Chief Business Officer/Co-Founder 

Seth spent his first six years in the industry working in corporate business development and as a startup entrepreneur in high throughput biology, followed by 12 years as a growth strategy consultant for Fortune 500 biopharma.

  • In 1999 founded Molecularware, winning the MIT 50K competition, and successfully exited in 2003
  • As Principal at TSG partners and Managing General Partner at Vectur LLC, Seth focused on corporate growth and buy-side M&A, as well as VC backed startup sell-side M&A
Hans SmartLabs

Hans Ludi, PhD

VP of Advanced Services 

Hans has decades of experience in life science and technology companies while holding a variety of technical and management positions. Throughout his career, he has focused on commercializing advanced technology projects in partnership with corporations and VCs.

  • Built and led the global diagnostics platform RAPIDPoint at Novartis and Bayer
  • Winner of 2 R&D 100 awards in life sciences
  • Multiple positions as CEO and COO
Brian T. Circle

Brian Taylor

Head of BioPharma Solutions & Field Operations 

Brian is a biopharmaceutical manufacturing expert with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He comes to SmartLabs from a mid-sized molecular engineering company, where he ran their healthcare business. Prior to that, he was the GM for GE Healthcare’s Biomanufacturing Solutions business.

  • Developed turnkey manufacturing solutions for mAb production with a single use platform
  • Worked with Congress to bring generic manufacturing back to the US
  • Launched and ran cGMP sites, most recently a facility in Spain
Ben SmartLabs

Ben Shaw

VP and Head of Finance 

Working as a trusted partner to CEOs, Ben has raised over $1 billion of equity, debt, and project capital for 12 companies and completed 11 Merger and Acquisition transactions during his career.

  • Former head of finance for Cambridge Innovation Center
  • Previous Management Consultant at McKinsey
  • Brought investment banking and asset management divisions of Credit Suisse to Middle East
Amelia Newbury SmartLabs

Amelia Newbury

Head of People, Culture, and Process 

Amelia has more than 20 years of experience creating and growing businesses. She has launched and grown five companies from start-up to success by creating winning strategies and high-performance teams that drive growth. Amelia has a unique understanding of how to structure people, culture, and process to fuel high-growth companies.

  • Culture and people management expert for early-stage and post Series B companies; has held multiple C-level titles
  • Previously Associate Partner and Pharma industry consultant for Monitor Group (now Monitor Deloitte)
Saquib Butt SmartLabs

Saquib Butt

VP of Construction and Facilities 

Saquib came to SmartLabs from Boston Scientific, where he was the Head of Global Design and Construction. Saquib has more than 20 years of experience building R&D Laboratory and GMP manufacturing facilities, including the new 500K SQFT Boston Scientific facility in Malaysia. 

  • Prior responsibilities of managing 9M SQFT across 150 sites in 12 countries
  • Led design and construction of over 2M SQFT
  • Experience rooted in commercial clean rooms, FDA validated GMP, R&D facilities, and utility infrastructures
Graham Long Leadership Photo

Graham Long, PhD

VP of Client Solutions 

A seasoned Sales and Marketing professional, Graham is also an experienced molecular biologist and former cancer research scientist. Blending his expertise in the lab with his methodical sales and business development talents, Graham has helped grow companies like DiscoverX (acquired by Eurofins), Artel, and PerkinElmer.

  • Successful sales penetration into 85% of the top 30 worldwide biopharma
  • Full R&D value chain sales development: discovery to clinical stage