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SmartLabs offers the ideal place to house your portfolio company. With no upfront costs, flexible license terms, and a de-risked operations program, your portfolio companies can keep their cash burn low while accelerating to meet milestones.  

Accelerate Your Returns

We have a proven track record of accelerating companies on the cutting edge of science to milestones like an initial public offering and IND. We’ve been trusted by VC-backed companies like CRISPR, Editas, SolidBio, and Sana to help them move forward while maintaining their rapid growth trajectory.  

SmartLabs has a customizable way to build out labs that takes as little as two weeks, providing pharma-grade research laboratory space much faster than a traditional build-out. Companies can go from inception to preclinical work in no-time without the burden of waiting for infrastructure.  

SmartLabs offers a full-range of operations management services at a scale that allows companies to concentrate on accelerating scientific discovery. We will handle everything from reception to waste management to permitting, allowing your company to keep its capital  working to help meet scientific milestones more quickly.

Ideal For Your Companies' Needs:

  • SmartLabs can easily configure its lab space to suit scientific research needs in as little as 1 to 3 weeks 
  • Well-run Vivarium space run by SmartLabs and Charles Rivers Labs available for preclinical research 
  • Flexible licensing terms that range from 1 to 3 years 
  • Laboratory space that is suitable for teams from 3 to 100+ people 
  • Private labs and both open and private coworking office space 
  • SmartLabs’ locations are situated in the best locations in the heart of biotech clusters. Benefit from the network effect of proximity to the leading biotechs and large pharmas 
  • 90% reduction in capital costs and 90% reduction of time to setup a top quality R&D workspace  
  • Leading-edge operations that save companies 20% annually 

A Word From SmartLabs' Members

Alexandra Glucksmann

Editas Medicine

"SmartLabs gave us the ability to expand our lab space quickly, allowing us to focus on our work in developing a novel class of genome editing therapeutics"

Ron Seidel III

Cue Biopharma

"If you save in time and generate data, you will always raise more money. You can't ever get that time back. And if you if you can appreciate the business model that SmartLabs provides, you will realize it's one rooted in acceleration and time savings."

Matthew Hawryluk

Gritstone Oncology

"One of the most important things when you're an early stage biotech company in a really competitive space like cancer immunotherapy is time. We were able to move into the space and almost immediately start ordering equipment, getting that equipment in, and really starting to do science."


Services and Offerings

24/7 security
Emergency back-up power
Shipping and receiving
Operations support
IT data center
24/7 building access
Lab, office design, and build-out
Staffed glasswash and autoclave
On-site facilities management
Conference rooms
Janitorial services
Super-fast fiber Internet
Kitchen and break area with snacks and beverages
Wellness room
Hazardous waste + wastewater management

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