Researchers can access a top-quality vivarium space staffed by SmartLabs and Charles River Labs personnel. SmartLabs is responsible for all infrastructure and compliance, allowing you to focus on accelerating your research efforts.  

Best-in-Class Animal Program

The vivarium offers both private holding and receiving rooms, as well as shared holding and procedure rooms.

Our small animal vivarium has the holding capacity for more than 1800 cages.

The vivarium caters to the needs of companies of all sizes. A six month agreement is required for use.  

The Highest Quality Staff

Charles River Labs animal care technicians (AALAS-certified) on staff. 

Veterinary and IACUC oversight teams, providing regular program reviews.

Study support technicians available with advanced scheduling.

Vivarium orientation and training on safety and animal care and use policy.

Features & Services

  • 24/7 year-round access to animal holding and procedure rooms 
  • Innovive irradiated IVC disposable caging 
  • Vivarium supplies and preventative maintenance 
  • High-speed broadband Wi-Fi 
  • Individual keycard badge access to vivarium space 
  • Daily food, bedding, water, and general health checks 
  • Animal enrichment 
  • Cage changes every two weeks for mice and weekly for rats 
  • Frequent, scheduled cleaning and sanitation 
  • IVIS Imaging 
  • Health Surveillance Sentinel Program 
  • Waste management 
  • Animal ordering and receiving  

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