SmartLabs Global Launch Program


The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and SmartLabs have jointly established an international biomedical innovation base in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park.

SmartLabs has selected Taiwan as its first stop in Asia aiming to connect to Asia's startup ecosystem and expand its business worldwide by servicing Taiwan companies as they seek to build partnerships and commercialize products in the US and elsewhere.

SmartLabs is a new approach to providing biotech companies with an on-demand pharma quality research environment to accelerate scientific discovery and therapeutic commercialization - Laboratory as a Service (LaaS). It is expected that the first overseas office of SmartLabs will be launched in April 2020.

MOST and SmartLabs will work together in screening potential biomedical startups and will conduct a “SmartLabs Global Launch” program for Taiwan startups providing ongoing support in the following three ways:

  • Training – SmartLabs will provide training modules across key areas.

    • Business Plan Development

    • Fundraising and Partnerships

    • Intellectual Property Development

    • Regulatory and Product Launch

  • Mentorship – SmartLabs will have a Taiwan office to support local startups in addition to a US office to facilitate partnership and engagement with the Boston biotech ecosystem.

  • Residency – SmartLabs will work with selected companies from Taiwan that will rotate through our R&D labs in Boston and work closely with the business development team.


Our first training workshop will be held in Hsinchu on May 16.

SmartLabs Global Launch Program Application