SmartLabs offers a unique value proposition for those entrepreneurial founders looking  to validate their technology and scale it into the clinical world. Our services program makes it easy for entrepreneurs to vault those business hurdles they didn’t know they were facing.

Let Us Help You

Many first-time biotech founders struggle with the unforeseen challenges of starting a business, particularly one that is so highly regulated. Even those Founders with several companies in the rearview can benefit from a reliable program that has been time-tested. SmartLabs Labs-as-a-Service program will allow you to focus on the science.  


SmartLabs offers two different programs that cater to different levels of entrepreneurial growth.  

The Innovation Suites at SmartLabs are the ideal lab environment for small teams. Our Innovation Suites cater to teams of 3 to 7 scientists and provide private lab space along with dedicated desks in either an open or private coworking office space. Innovation Suites are outfitted with molecular biology equipment and Members also have access to shared equipment rooms, allowing you to meet your research needs without the high cost of certain equipment.  

For teams of 10 to 100+ employees, SmartLabs Scaling Lab Suites are an option that can grow with you. Our Scaling Suites give members both private lab and office spaces that can be reconfigured to meet the changing needs of your company. Both options include our world-class operations program.  

SmartLabs’ highly tested and refined operations management program will handle everything from reception to janitorial services to lab supervision to waste management, making it easy to concentrate on advancing your scientific discovery. SmartLabs will handle all of the permitting and Environmental Health and Safety training that is required, while setting you up with a pharma-grade research lab. 

Ideal For Your Needs:

  • Office 24/7 Reception and security at our front desk 
  • Hazardous waste and water management 
  • EHS permitting, training, and information management 
  • IT infrastructure and help desk that has an average response time of under 20 minutes 
  • SmartLabs can easily configure its lab space to suit your scientific research needs in as little as 1 to 3 weeks 
  • Weekly communal events and the chance to mingle with other SmartLabs’ Member Companies 
  • 90% reduction in capital costs for top quality R&D workspaces  
  • Leading-edge operations that save companies 20% annually 

A Word From Founders At SmartLabs:

Rudy Chaparro

Cue Biopharma

"We looked at a few different options, and SmartLabs was just much more turnkey than anything else that we saw. It just made it much easier. They kind of said, ‘We got you. We know what you need."

Andrew Allen

Gritstone Oncology

“They make it possible to reduce the standard start-up time by several months, supporting rapid initiation of our research program to bring personalized cancer immunotherapies to patients. Having the ability to work so quickly is like being able to buy time.”

Alexandra Glucksmann

Editas Medicine

"SmartLabs gave us the ability to expand our lab space quickly, allowing us to focus on our work in developing a novel class of genome editing therapeutics."

Services and Offerings

24/7 security
Emergency back-up power
Shipping and receiving
Operations support
IT data center
24/7 building access
Lab, office design, and build-out
Staffed glasswash and autoclave
On-site facilities management
Conference rooms
Janitorial services
Super-fast fiber Internet
Kitchen and break area
Wellness room
Hazardous waste + wastewater management

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