Designed by scientists, our proprietary SmartLabs OS platform is intuitive and user-friendly, which makes it easy for you to monitor, manage, and optimize your projects.

Our staff of experts provides regulatory oversight, conducts reviews and audits, and ensures that you have in place the proper legal permits, licenses, and safety measures.

We take care of these details so you can focus on your work.


SmartLabs OS Icon

SmartLabs OS v.4.0

SmartLabs OS v.4.0 integrates dozens of support and lab data functions into a single, easy-to-use management dashboard as well as an information portal that supports operations for our members’ labs and employees. On/offboarding, EH&S training, chemical inventory, deliveries, and more.

SmartLabs LoT based Lab & Resource Management Icon

IoT based Lab & Resource Management

Remote resource monitoring and management of research environment, access, audit, and compliance. 

SmartLabs Icon for Regulatory, Compliance, Auditing

Regulatory, Compliance, and Auditing

We manage permitting, compliance, IACUC review, and any other requirements that are specific to your workflows.

SmartLabs icon for Environmental, Health, and Safety

Environmental, Health & Safety

Chemical and biological waste management and disposal. Training portal and ongoing monitoring customized to your workflow, GxP requirements, audit functions, and R&D process validation.

SmartLabs R&D Workflow Development and Optimization Icon

R&D Workflow Development and Optimization

Expert design and mapping of lab layout, workflow development, and operational protocol development. Staff coordinated build-out of member space.

SmartLabs icon for Supply Chain Logistics

Supply Chain Logistics

Management of inventory and all materials that move in or out of your labs and offices as well as access to a discounted vendor list.


SmartLabs icon for Veterinary Sciences

Veterinary Sciences

Vivarium operations and specialty programs that include IACUC support, animal husbandry, cage management, veterinary review, technical assistance in surgical techniques and imaging, and other services that support of your animal R&D goals.

GPX Icon

GxP Programs

Facilities compliant with cGMP, GLP, GCP (CLIA) and operations to support your implementation of regulated analytical and manufacturing workflows.